Bountiful Seasons: Nature's Wonders Essays

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Bountiful Seasons Have you ever noticed how we’re always ready at the end of summer for fall, or how we’re always ready at the end of winter for spring to arrive, yet we’re never quite ready for spring or fall to end. There is something special and intoxicating about spring and fall. Spring ushers in a new beginning or a rebirth, while fall is the harvesting of our spring labors. Spring like fall is an explosion of our senses, each very different, and we are able to take in these various bounties by sight, smell, and taste. The wonder of spring is the awakening of new life. The previously barren trees are bursting with fresh, glossy, green leaves. The recently thawed ground is blossoming with bright red tulips, royal purple …show more content…
Fall is the bounty of spring, the harvesting of our labors. The ravenous tree branches will begin shedding themselves of their leaves, which will quietly tumble onto the quickly cooling ground. The bright orange pumpkins, now ripe for the picking, hay bales stacked, and sunflowers in full bloom. The red delicious and green granny smith apples are ready to be plucked and baked into the first pies of the season. The squirrels busy themselves collecting food to be harvested and stow it away as winter is soon to come. The ground once lush, green, blades, now blanketed with fallen leaves of golden yellow, bright red, and orange. The days have given way to longer nights, and the warmer days are now cool and crisp. The air is thick and green. At night you can smell fresh cedar wood, fireplaces burning, and hear the cracklings of bonfires in the distance. Inside you curl up in your favorite chair, wrapped in the warmth of a fleece blanket, next to you a simmering, sweet cinnamon and pumpkin candle. In your hands a 1902 copy of Turn of the Screw, which you found at an old book fair. The sweet smell of those century old pages is intoxicating, and the story, strange, and sinister. You think there is nothing like a good ghost story to chase away the October chill. As October quickly passes, the spring bounties are harvested happily for the Thanksgiving feast ahead. Your basket is full to

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