Bounty In The Bog Analysis

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The Bounty In the Bog In a barren wasteland in the olden times once lived a baron who ruled over all the land. One day his wife went missing and being a somewhat barbaric ruler because he was an ex soldier and at first he suspected that the people might have kidnapped her. So he sent out all his soldiers and hounds to search every house for his wife. After searching for days and not finding a trace he put a wanted notice and a lump sum of money for someone to find his wife. To his fortune a bounty hunter by the name of Geralt stumbled upon the notice while venturing through. Bounty hunters were often discriminated because of their line of work but Gerlat didn’t mind because you have to have thick skin to do that kind of work. Even though they were not…show more content…
“Ahh you have finished your part of the bargain, have you not” the first of the three witches said, each one more disgusting than the next, “ I have, now fulfil your part”. “ The woman you seek has been here all along”. Just than Geralt realized that Gran must have been the Baron's wife Anna. The witches laughed then disappeared in a cloud of ravens. Geralt went back to the castle to get the baron and to go get his wife. “Have you found my wife yet” the Baron said, “ Yes she is in the bog she was captured by witches and put into a trace, gather your men and we can go get her” The baron gathered his men, along with Geralt, they all went into the swamp to free Anna. When they got there Anna was no longer a human but instead a hideous monster. They could only recognize her because she wore the same clothes as before. “What has happened to her” the baron screamed “ It’s a curse by the witches, I can lift it if I find the source” They started busting into all the rooms looking for anything suspicious. In the biggest building they found 3 black magic dolls with an item wove into each. “ Which one represents her” Geralt asked the baron. “ The doll with the white daffodils, they were her favorite
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