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When does a contact sport become a crime? That is the question that every National Football League (NFL) fan has asked themselves in light of the former Saints defensive coordinator (DC) Gregg Williams’ “bounty program.” No one person has wrestled with this question more than the NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell. Goodell was faced with an ethical decision that will shape his tenure as the NFL’s commissioner; his decision will become precedence for many commissioners after him. Using the RESOLVEDD strategy of decision-making developed by Raymond Pfeiffer and Ralph Forsberg (2005), this paper will examine the scandal, scrutinize the decisions made, and determine if the NLF commissioner took the correct action for the league. The first …show more content…
Integrity and fair competition are paramount to any major sports league success. This type of behavior undermines the integrity of the game, which is key to continued success (Kahn, 2009). The investigation was restarted in 2011 when Saints players came forth with new details, documents, and audio. In its entirety, the investigation comprised 18,000 documents, numerous interviews on every level, and outside forensic experts. The findings were:
1. During the 2009 through 2011 seasons, the players and other participants funded a non-contract bonus program.
2. Twenty-seven Saints defensive players contributed to the payments willingly and enthusiastically.
3. The program was administered by Saints’ DC Williams, with the knowledge of other defensive coaches. Williams also contributed to the funds.
4. Saints Head Coach Sean Payton did not contribute funds, nor administer the program, but was aware of it and did not attempt to stop the program once a cease-and-desist was ordered.
5. All coaches and players interviewed during the initial investigation covered up the program and continued to facilitate it two years after the first league investigation (National Football League, 2012).
Now that the case is reviewed, the next step in the RESOLVEDD method is “E,” “ethical problem” (Pfeiffer & Forsberg, 2005). The ethical question overarching the situation is: how should the NFL commissioner proceed with this knowledge? Important aspects to remember
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