Bourdieu Cultural Capital Essay

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Citizenship confers on an individual an ability to participate in democracy such as decision-making and inclusion in policy making processes, (Michels, 2011). Citizenship gives one participatory power; in the decision making process of their country of origin, in the same way citizenship can be a form of capital to an individual. ‘Citizenship constitutes a strategically constructed form of capital which manifests in formal (legal and institutional) and informal (practiced and cultural) forms’’ (Bauder H., 2008:315).’’People who possess a certain form of capital are able to distinguish themselves from others who lack that form of capital’’ (Bauder, 2008:318). Such distinctions can increase gaps in social class orders and increase feelings of relative deprivation between migrant families and non-migrant families (de Haas, 2010).Capital forms the foundation of social life and dictates one’s position within the social…show more content…
Bourdieu’s concept of cultural capital relates to the symbolic characteristics namely skills, tastes and preferences, mannerisms, material goods, credentials etc. that a person gains by virtue of his or her membership of a particular social class. Bourdieu emphasizes on the importance of cultural capital as a major source of social inequality. Rooted in the Bourdieu concept of cultural capital is the aspect of social environment which he called the ’habitus’. According to him, one’s habitus will allow or not allow him or her to progress in life (Bourdieu, 1986). As regards this concept of habitus, it can be said that one’s social identity/nationality may or may not offer him or her opportunities in life. The concept of habitus can be likened to the concept of social capital (Portes, 1998:6) which refers to the ability of
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