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SHRESHTA Your Dreams… Our Designs!!! BUSINESS PLAN CONTENTS Sl. No. | Particulars | Pg. No. | 123456789 | Introduction Mission, vision & Objectives Organizational structure Marketing mix * Product * Price * Place * PromotionSWOT analysis * Strengths * Weakness * Opportunities * ThreatsUnique Selling Proposition Legal formalities Financial plan Future plans | 1234810101116 | INTRODUCTION Clothing is a beautiful visual demonstration of the social and emotional needs of people wearing it. It also portrays in a clearly understood visual manner, what people of different cultures and styles want socially. Fashion,…show more content…
Threats: 1. There will be huge competition from established and establishing brands in the market. 2. There is a threat of pilferage in the designs 3. It is difficult to convince people who are more conscious for pricing due to recession. UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION * Firstly Shreshta is exclusively for women which provide everything what they need at one stop and hence customers need not go in search of other stores. * CUSTOMIZATION, that is going according to the customer tastes and preferences i.e., giving customers choice in choosing fabric and design. * Shreshta has this unique strategy of providing tailoring services like stitching in one hour for every single purchase. LEGAL FORMALITIES * Generally a company has to get CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION from registrar of companies (ROC) to start its business or activities. * MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION gives the fundamental conditions under which a company should be incorporated. * ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION is generally rules and regulations that govern the management in the internal affairs and the conduct of the business. FINANCIAL PLAN 1st year: * The startup investment for SHRESHTA is 20 lakhs, of which 12 lakhs is invested by the owners and 8 lakhs is the loan taken. * The projected total purchases are 10 lakhs and total sales are 15 lakhs. * Due to more expenses in the first year, we incurred net loss of around 4lakhs. * Cash in hand would be around Rs.50000 at

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