Bovine Research Paper

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What are cows exactly? Some people would say they are meat or milk producing animals. They would be almost correct. The cow otherwise commonly known as the bovine has many different classifications. The bovine are classified as a type of large domestic ungulates. They are members of the sub family Bovinae and are in the Binomial name of Bos Taurus. (1) The correct term when speaking about cows is to use the term cattle. A cow is a singular word for one of many. Cattle is also not the original term for the bovine. It was a term that had been borrowed from a man named Anglo-Norman. Cattle originally meant movable personal property. The first cow to appear in America arrived in 1611. (2) There are many different breeds of cattle, as well as classifications.…show more content…
In young calves it has been proven that they have very good memories. Bovine’s long term memory has been proven to be less stable. (1) Cattle have proven to have five temperament traits. The first being shyness to boldness. The second exploration and avoidance, third is activity the fourth being aggressiveness and the last being sociability. Bovine’s temperament traits have been determined to vary depending on a specific environment or social situation. For example if a bunch of cows are put in an isolated area they tend to become more vocalized and their heart rates increase from becoming stressed. (1 & 3) Bovine’s vision is their dominant sense and is how they obtain about 50 percent of their information. (1) Bovine have a wide field of view due to their eyes being on the sides of their head versus the front. They have a sight range of 330 degrees and two kinds of color receptors in the cone cells of their retinas. They can distinguish long wavelength colors such as yellow, orange and red much better then short wave lengths like blue, grey or green. Bovine also have a good sense of taste. They can determine between salty, sweet bitter and sour because they contain about 20,000 taste buds. Bovine have 32 teeth and drink about a bathtub full of water and eat about 40 pounds of food a…show more content…
Bovine have been domesticated since the early Neolithic age. Since then scientists have been working to discover better ways of cloning cows and cross breeding to get better beef or milk production. Bovine were originally used as currency to pay for things. Today we bovine to sell for breeding or meat and even for milk production. They are also used for veal and leather and in some cases to graze fields that can’t be plowed or mowed. Some countries use them for entertainment such as Spain for bull fighting or the running of the bulls. So now when someone says about a cow you will be able to correct them and say it’s a bovine and be able to say they’re not just for beef and milk
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