Bowen Family Systems Theory

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The couple I chose for this case study is the older, married couple, Albert and Marion Mazur. I chose this couple while watching the documentary, “Love, Etc.” In this documentary, five couples were followed and featured, among those, Albert and Marion were the couple that displayed complete unity. Married for over fifty years, these two individuals define Dr. Murray Bowen’s family systems theory. Basically, the theory focuses on whatever occurs in an individual’s life affects his or her family. In order to understand one person in a family, it is imperative to view each individual as a member of the family. Therefore, the couple’s history and marriage will be explored using the Bowen Family Systems Theory. The concepts of the theory in…show more content…
Therefore, there are, in fact, four parts of the theory connecting and interlocking in a hierarchy system.
Albert and Marion Mazur began their relationship working together as songwriters. They both played the piano and wrote songs before they actually met. Living less than a mile from each other, their meeting was not love at first sight, but their mutual love for music. After working together for a few years, they married. They were happy and in love, yet still continued with their love of songwriting and making music. Little did they know what the future had in store for them as a couple. Marion’s health began to decline with the early signs of dementia, whereas their roles as they once knew, soon would be reversed (Andresevic, 2013).
Theoretical Foundation According to Bowen’s family system theory, the Mazur’s, demonstrated many of the facets related to the concepts within the hierarchy of the connected systems. First, the concept of wholeness was evident by their actions when they were together versus apart. Before they were a couple, they were living as single, independent persons and each would be viewed differently than when they became a couple. The two of them being together or whole was much greater than summing them up as parts. Next, their roles and interdependence essentially intertwine when they come
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