Bowen Systems Theory Paper

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Bowen Systems Theory The primary focus is on the individual’s ability to differentiate her/his own intellectual functioning from feelings and the social and curtirial . sociocultural experiences influence and shape perceptions of self and family interactions, and how personal relationships are affected by two primary factors of individuality and togetherness (Bowen Family Therapy, n.d.; Nichols, 2013). Dr. Bowen’s theory of human behavior focuses on all the members of the family as a single emotional unit, meaning that the intense emotional connection between the family members directly influences the mental function of the household as a whole (Kerr, 2000). Bowen’s theory of change is quite simplistic. Meaning, if individuals within a…show more content…
Differentiation of Self The core foundation of Bowen’s theory asserts that individual family members develop the capacity to think independently, act with flexibility and reason when faced with everyday issues (Nichols, 2003). In contrast, undifferentiated family members tend to become more emotional, become more reactive to problems and are less likely to recognize their autonomy within the family structure (Nichols, 2003). Nuclear Family Emotional Process The nuclear family emotional process describes four patterns in a family relationship that influence problems that develop within the family unit. Although individual perceptions of relationships change these trends, the underlying forces causing the problems play a significant role in the family emotional process (Kerr, 2000; Nichols, 2003). Marital Conflict Martial conflict arises when tensions within the family increase. This increase in pressure results in one or more of the spouses to externalize anxiety and place emphasis on what the other person is doing and attempt to control his or her partner, resulting in resistance from the receiving partner (Kerr, 2000; Nichols, 2003). Singular Spousal Dysfunction In contrast to marital conflict, dysfunction also occurs when one partner applies pressure on the other to react or think in a particular manner, and the
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