Bowhunters Creed Analysis

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Bowhunters Creed
When I was first starting out hunting as a young boy my grandfather taught me a pray to say when bow hunting from the time you draw back to the time you gut the deer. It was such a prayer as this that taught not only to respect mother nature and its animals but yet to have respect for everything and everyone. The prayer in which i base my personal anthology is called the bowhunters creed now you may have this prayer before it goes like so. Dear lord as you watch over thine family as one hunts your beloved creation for food not more than needed but what is sufficient so with this bow and arrow you have blessed me with may you thy the strength to pull back with ease and hold thy hand still and steady and swiftly guide thy arrow pure and straight with a clean kill for if i am not too hit heart with a swift clean kill then let thy arrow miss completely however if thy arrow hits drop straight were shot so they animal may be not wasted but used for good amen.
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To respect the world as a beautiful creation in which it is to see each individual as work of pure art tho different each beautifull its own way. I was taught as a child not be a holy bible thumper as my father called it but too love your mother, father, and family now he told these things I asked why don't I have to love god? he said you have to love no one my son but you will respect your creators and those around you even if you don’t like
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