Bowi Bowie

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If Bowie collected throughout his life, the great bulk of his serious art-buying took place in a great surge in the late Eighties and early Nineties, which Bowie the compulsive auto-didact backed up with obsessive reading, visits to the artists, and writings for specialist journals. He pursued his particular interest areas simultaneously and completely independently of each other, so that they form often substantial collections in their own right. Bowie’s initially baffling passion for Modern British art can perhaps best be explained by the fact that he spent most of his adult life in voluntary exile from the country of his birth: in Germany, Switzerland and America. Removed from everyday reality in his world of limos and private jets, Bowie seems to have been constructing a sort of Britain-of-the-mind, through the efforts of other artists – but one that touched on deep-seated aspects of his own experience. Harold Gilman’s brilliant but very downbeat British post-impressionist interior, and Carel Weight’s mildly sinister faux-naïve image of children playing in a windswept street, are both very redolent of the sort of drab, repressed postwar suburban Britain Bowie grew up in.…show more content…
Bowie claimed that art was the only thing he ever wanted to own, that it gave him “stable nourishment”. “I use it,” he
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