Bowling For Columbine Documentary Essay

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Documentary reflection
The assignment task for Term two was for a small group of people (three), to create a documentary and then each person to write a reflection. Before starting this documentary, we studied the history and development of documentaries. We then looked more into how different documentaries, Spellbound (objective) and Bowling for Columbine (subjective), how each separate style was created and made and how each different style affected people.
We ran into conflict when we were choosing what topic for our documentary. We all had many ideas but most of them we had to rule out because they would not be suitable for Year 5 and 6. The target audience only left us a few ideas. This is because when we first started off thinking
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We added some funny videos to please the target audience.
We interviewed most of or interviewees in a classroom. The reason why we choose this area is that because when a student is at school, they are constantly in a classroom. So soon enough many feel more comfortable in a classroom than other places. We interviewed some grade tens were their bags are. We assumed they would be more honest if they were interviewed somewhere that was familiar and in a sense comforting because if they feel comfortable, they would normally be more truthful. We chose to do a mid shot because when most people are nervous, they tend to move their feet and we didn’t want to show them nervous to be interviewed. We also used different camera angles to show different people. Some were smaller, so we lowered the angle and where the camera was positioned.
From watching ‘Bowling for Columbine’ and ‘Spellbound’, we decided to choose a subjective documentary because we were all more interested in ‘Bowling for Columbine’ than ‘Spellbound’. When editing we looked at what ‘Bowling for Columbine’ did with editing things together and things out to get what our point across more affected.
When working in a group, we found it hard to balance out the roles, but I think we did. I was the editor and camera person which is a great duo because I imagined what I wanted to do with the filming and just had to ask
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