Bowmans and Tesco Strategy

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This report applies Bowman’s Strategy Clock framework in order to accurately and appropriately analyse how Tesco come to making strategic decisions | | Tesco Report | | Tesco Report | Introduction The aim of this report is to examine what generic strategy Tesco employs, the position this strategy takes on Bowman’s clock and whether Tesco’s generic strategy provides an effective competitive advantage. “Strategy is the direction and scope of an organisation over the long term: which achieves advantage in a changing environment through its configuration of resources and competences with the aim of fulfilling stakeholder expectations.” (Johnson et al, 2005) Industry Sector The grocery retail industry is one of the…show more content…
Description and Profile of TESCO Tesco can be said to be a global leader in the UK retail business. It is one of the leading world retailers. The company started using the trading name TESCO in the 1920s and since the group has expanded in many ways venturing in different markets and with interest in different sectors. Over the years, Tesco has recorded growth which has been achieved through different strategies. There has been emphasis on the growth of Core UK business in order to expand internationally. This growth has allowed the company to position itself in food and non-food sectors based on retailing services. Over the years, the company has witnessed financial fortunes which have been reflected in its growing sales. Sales have risen from 31,726,280 from 2013 to 32,074,650 in 2014 (Kantar, 2014.) This has been achieved through growth strategies which have seen the company expand its retail outlets and at the same time enter into new markets with high growth potential using their famous ‘every little helps’ branding along the way. The ‘Every little helps’ branding helped Tesco’s attract 1.3 million new customers in the period from 1990-1995, and the campaign achieved good effects on staff morale, attracting quality marketers to join Tesco, directly affected the share price and allowed the brand to move into non-grocery sectors where brand credibility is a key requirement. Disadvantages….limitations etc Application of Strategic Choice of Model – Bowman’s Strategy
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