Boxes And Bins ( B & B )

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Case Synopsis Boxes & Bins (B&B) is a fast growing “retailer of storage and organization products” (Hill & Kindley, 2015, pg. 1). Its “organizing” theme made it a successful hit as it opened up to shoppers at the Plaza in the arts district of Kanas City. For over a decade, the premier U.S. retailer provided unique products and extraordinary customer service for households and businesses. Katherine Schuler, a quick study, advanced successfully into new role of senior vice president of marketing; joining B&B’s executive team. Her dimension of leadership was learned over time, and not inborn (Ibarra & Oboradu, 2009). She primarily focused on developing a new strategy for marketing and implemented a promotional plan to drive increased profitability. During this time, Schuler was concerned that members of the company had various perspectives on where B&B’s marketing efforts were headed. The organizational goal and vision was to provide; “unique merchandise and extraordinary in-store service, which reflected the founders’ understanding of B&B’s core customer and their dedication to selecting “great” employees” (Hill & Kindley, 2015, pg. 1). During her time as a sales representative for Halls, Schuler developed key relationships with B&B’s co-founders, Gary Hauer and John Salzberg. In late 2002, they finally influenced her to join B&B. She experienced B&B’s corporate culture through customer relations, by understanding the products, and the employee-centered
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