Boxing Is The Most Brutal Of Sports

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Typically in sports the goal is to hit a homerun, score a goal, or even get a hole in one. However, there is one sport that is not like any other, boxing. This sport is the most brutal of sports. The goal is to knock out the opponent with devastating blows to the head. Boxing can be a very dangerous sport resulting in extreme injury or death, and there is a lot of pressure to use illegal drugs in an effort to win. Boxing also has many benefits, such as physical fitness, stress relieving, and allows an elite professional boxer to earn a very good living. The earliest records of boxing occurred in the 2nd millennium BC from Mesopotamian and Assyria nations (History of Boxing). Architects have found carvings in ancient caves showing bare fisted contests with spectators (History of Boxing). Boxing gained popularity and became an organized sport when accepted by the Greeks at the Olympic Games in 688 BC (History of Boxing). Boxing continued to evolve from the 16th to 18th centuries in Great Britain as a prize fighting game (History of Boxing). During this time, boxers fought with bare knuckles and spiked shoes (History of Boxing). Early fighting had no written rules. There were no weight divisions, or round limits, and no referee. The matches were extremely chaotic (History of Boxing). Around 1867, the introduction of “fair-size” gloves changed the nature of the bouts (History of Boxing). Bouts became longer and more strategic with greater emphasis on strategy and
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