Boy Scout Camp Employees Fired For Rescuing A Bald Eagle

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Title: Boy Scout Camp Employees Fired For Rescuing a Bald Eagle

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Teaser: Two Scout camp employees, found themselves in hot water after coming to aid of an injured bird.
Article: Sometimes sticking to one’s moral and ethical convictions is more important than even your job. After two camp employees decided to try to save an injured bald eagle, they were reprimanded and fired for breaking a federal law.
In search of an eagle
When Jeremy and Eliana Bookbinder, two 20-year-old twins who worked at Camp Marriot for the Boy Scouts, heard about an injured hawk on a hiking trail close to where they were working, they decided to go check it out. Little did they know at the time that by doing so, they would be fired.
Although it was her day off, Eliana Bookbinder put on her uniform and asked her boss if she could call the Wildlife Center of Virginia once the bird was found. She was told that he would have to check with the Goshen superintendent. So Bookbinder headed out on her search for what she thought at the time was a hawk. But when she finally found the injured bird, she realized it was actually a bald eagle.
Bookbinder texted her boss a photo and also called him to discuss the eagle. Instead of approval, she was met with an order to not call the wildlife rehabilitation center, or transport it to a wildlife veterinarian.
“I pointed out that this was a massive violation of the Scout law,” Bookbinder told the Washington Post. “Part of the Scout law…

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