Boy Scouts Transformation

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I am a Boy Scout. It feels odd writing this without capitalizing every letter. To me, “Boy Scout” is part of my identity. I live my life according to its values, which include being prepared at all times, serving my community, embracing diversity, and helping my peers. Through being a Boy Scout and being well on my way to becoming an Eagle Scout, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most diverse of people and making a difference in my community.

Having always been one to see how I could develop the skills and capacity of others, I welcome many such opportunities within the Boy Scouts. Although I have developed a patent to help improve the way Transformer action figures work, have taught new voters how to understand ballots,
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Having excelled in academics, repairing equipment, and earning Boy Scout badges, I felt success was imminent. It was not. Instead, my entire group was an hour late returning from the first day’s training. The next day my group suffered multiple fractures leaving three Boy Scouts injured. Some may have considered this a failure and given up. However, I did not. I knew that my 22 scouts were looking to me as an example and if I gave up then they would too. Therefore, I critically analyzed the situation, drew from my previous leadership experiences, and adapted my leadership techniques to incorporate suggestions from my team. Soon we experienced successes. One of my greatest joys came seeing a mother beam with pride as her son, one of my team, stood in a cast with the badge he earned. I had taught him, and the others, that, with teamwork, nothing is impossible. I taught them to never give up, to adapt, to innovate, and to have the confidence to preserve. We may have been from different cultures, races, cities, political backgrounds, religions, skill levels and even age groups [about half of my team was still in middle school], we learned to find our similarities and build bonds that led to our group demonstrating unparalleled teamwork and developing lifetime
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