Boy by Roald Dahl

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The book, Boy is an autobiography written by Roald Dahl. It was his first book and it is a combination of real events in his life. Matilda is one of his fictional books that he wrote later on. Dahl uses events that are actually gruesome and quite horrifying and makes them humorous by using sarcasm, hyperboles, short sentences, imagery, similes and juxtapositions (rose96, 2011). Dahl uses a lot of adjectives to describe the characters in his books to portray them in a humorous way. He uses figures of speech to describe a character and to make this character unique.
Chapter 3, The bicycle and the sweet-shop in Boy is a perfect example of how Dahl describes the characters in his book. This chapter is about Boy and his friends who absolutely loves the sweet shop. In this chapter het describes the sweet shops’ importance as “…the very centre of our lives.” (Dahl, 1984:33). The only bad thing about this sweet shop was the lady who owned it, Mrs Pratchett. He describes her as “a small skinny old hag with a moustache on her upper lip and a mouth as sour as a green gooseberry.” (Dahl, 1984:33). Dahl uses a simile to describe her mouth and compares it to a green gooseberry. Dahl then starts to describe how dirty she is. “Her apron was grey and greasy.” (Dahl, 1984:33). Here we see some alliteration of the words grey and greasy. He goes on describing how she…

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