Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne

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The story receives its impetus when the slightly jejune Bruno and his parents move to Poland or Auschwitz (bordering Germany and Poland) by the injunction of the “Fury”. The family’s new quarters only boasts three floors and no other houses in the vicinity. As such, it is a clear relegation from their massive home in Berlin and an event with which leaves Bruno petulant.
Unbeknownst to Bruno, their home (mispronounced as “Out-With” to eliminate the presence of Auschwitz) was next to a concentration camp that Bruno and Gretel were unable to discern what was. In actuality, Bruno and Gretel’s Father was a Commandant who was overseeing the camp, considering the interchange of visiting soldiers. The camp is densely fenced at its parameters, but was penetrable at a vulnerable portion of fence, which allowed Bruno to give food to his friend and finally enter the camp. At the very end of the story, Bruno (in chapter 19) begins to take a gander at what the Jews tolerate in the camp (which happens to be villainous treatment).

Jews and Germans

There are many allusions to the Holocaust throughout the story, though much of it appears succinctly. However, there are still various references to the Holocaust (as, in the relationships of Germans and Jews). “Don’t the Jews like the Opposite then? (Bruno)
No, it’s us who don’t like them, stupid.” (Gretel)

Gretel’s aspersive attack on Bruno…
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