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Using the DBQ Practice Questions from The Enduring Vision, Sixth Edition A Teachers’ Guide Ray Soderholm Minnetonka High School Minnetonka, Minnesota Using the DBQ Practice Questions from The Enduring Vision, 6th Edition A Teachers’ Guide This guide is intended to suggest some possible ways that students may organize essays related to the document-based questions in the Advanced Placement version of The Enduring Vision, 6th Edition, and to provide teachers with some information on each included document. The suggestions certainly do not exhaust the possibilities; students, no doubt, will create other valid and persuasive organizational patterns and document applications. Here, the documents are discussed in order to facilitate easy…show more content…
D—Nicholas Perrot—Description of the opening of a new area for the fur trade reflects the way that the French made economic use of pre-existing North American ways of life. E—Berkely Discourse—Shows the raising of tobacco for export and the precarious financial basis of this economy. Students may point out that this type of economy required slave labor and that the development of other export crops, including rice, other grains, and indigo, helped southern colonies later on. DBQ 2: The Reasons for Declaring Independence in 1776 From previous instruction in American history at earlier grade levels, students often have in mind the idea that unfair taxation and trade restrictions caused English colonists to declare their independence. This DBQ asks them to consider such economic factors and weigh them against an array of other possibilities, some of which are suggested in the question. Students must consider factors and provide a rationale for which of these sets of ideas is of greater importance. Once again, the results of students’ analyses will differ, but a convincing rationale must be provided in each essay. Some good background articles for teachers to read as they teach the topics related to this DBQ are on the Advanced Placement U.S. History home page at They are: “Why Tea? The Global Story of the
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