Boykin Case Study

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With his first NFL preseason game in the books, Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback Trevone Boykin has gotten some attention throughout the league. The undrafted rookie threw the ball for 188 yards last Saturday against the Kansas City Chiefs, 37 of which came on a last second hail Mary to Tanner McEvoy. Boykin only needed 1:07 and four passes to drive the Seahawks 88 yards in route to the game ending drive, all but wrapping up the second string position behind Russell Wilson. Boykin re-entered the game during the fourth quarter and had earlier put together a drive that led to a field goal for Seattle. Boykin showed the Seattle coaches that he was capable when he first came in to replace Wilson and it was clear that his confidence was increasing…show more content…
NFL scouts and coaches have said he is more elusive in the pocket than any other quarterback who was available in the 2016 draft. Boykin is also known for taking advantage of any space an opposing defense gives him, taking off with the ball 25 times throughout his last two seasons for rushes of at least 15 yards. There are a few things the youngster is going to have to work on if he wants to be in the NFL, even if it’s just as a reliable backup. Boykin already faces some uncontrollable issues due to his height and his reputation for fumbling doesn’t help. He has a habit of knowing exactly what he is going to do with the ball before he even walks out of the huddle and forcing the pass even when it’s not open. While Boykin has tremendous arm and upper body strength, he has plenty of room for improvement concerning his footwork, especially when it comes to his follow through and delivery. Pete Carroll will not only be the perfect coach to help Boykin improve and develop with these issues, he will also help him mature and become a professional off of the field as well. The oldest coach in the NFL has made it clear that his lifestyle choices and off field issues which were the primary reason for Boykin going undrafted will not be tolerated if he wants to have a spot in
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