Essay on Boyles Law Apparatus

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Abstract The objective of this lab was to determine the relationship (if any), between the pressure and volume of a gas given the temperature and # of molecules remained constant. Using the Boyle's law apparatus, and textbooks to demonstrate pressure it was concluded that there was a relationship between pressure and volume. However, the relationship was not a direct relationship, and it was determined that the pressure and volume of a gas are inversely proportioned. Thus,proving Boyle's theory correct. Introduction

Objectives: The main objective of this lab was to determine the relationship between the volume and pressure when the temperature and number of molecules remains the same throughout. Other minor objectives of
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Don't insert the yellow stopper so far that the wooden block can't rest stably on the lab bench. Place the smaller wooden block on top of the apparatus.
1. 2 – Remove the pin cover from the graduated cylinder and press down or pull up until the plunger reaches 30mL (cm3). Replace the pin TIGHTLY. Test the plunger by pressing down on the small wooden block to make sure that when you let go, it always returns to about 30 mL.
(29 ½ is ok and some experimental error. ) This is volume at 0 textbooks (tbs) of pressure. Add 2.4 tbs of pressure to account for the atmosphere and record your data.
3 – Add one textbook to the center of the small wood platform and record the new volume of the air that is occupying the cylinder. Record the pressure always adding 2.4 tbs to how many tbs used to account for the atmosphere. If necessary, gently hold the book in place.
4 – Repeat step 3 except now with 2 textbooks, and then 3 textbooks, and finally 4 textbooks.
5 – Start the experiment over from step 2 so that you can obtain more trials. Do the experiment a total of 4 times for each textbook load. Average your results for each textbook load.

Table #1: Trial #1 Trial #2 Trial #3 Trial #4 Trial #5 Average
2.4tbs 29mL 29mL 29mL 29mL 29mL 29mL
3.4tbs 23.5mL 23.5mL 23.0mL 24.0mL 23.0mL 23.4mL
4.4tbs 18.0mL 18.5mL 18.0mL 18.5mL 18.0mL 18.2mL
5.4tbs 14.5mL 15.0mL 14.5mL 15.0mL 14.5mL 14.7mL
6.4tbs 11.5mL 13.5mL 12.5mL 12.5mL 12.5mL 12.4mL

Table #2:
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