Boys' Antisocial Behavior Essay

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Boys' Antisocial Behavior

In almost any college class you walk into you will find that there are more female students than male. This wasn't the case years ago. David Thomas' article " The Mind of Man" points out that women are progressing readily in today's society, but where are the men?

Years ago men were the only ones permitted into colleges. But as time went by people's ways of thinking changed dramatically. People began to realize that girls were not getting the education boys were, and things had to be changed. I think of this change, that society made, as a pendulum. Years ago, the pendulum hung to one side. The side of boys' education. This side completely dismissed girls education. Society wanted to fix this wrong by
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Today's society is vastly different from that of years past. Years ago, elementary teachers, along with everybody else in society, put more emphasis on boys' education. This is understandable if we recall that at that time men were the ones who were working and running the show, while the womans' job was to stay home and tend to the children. At that time boys were treated fairly in the school system. The boys' behaved rowdy and aggressive as boys do, but the teachers accepted it, to an extent, because they understood that boys will be boys and that this was their natural behavior. The boys would outgrow their anti-social behavior in due time. Unfortunately this isn't the case in today's society. The society of today rewards feminine behavior and frowns upon what is considered masculine behavior. Many female teachers, having been influenced by society, unconsciously frown upon the behavior of their male students constantly. Thomas says that "there is a direct response between a child's academic achievement and a favorable response from the teacher ." (122) If this is true, which I believe it is, what messages are teachers giving to boys when their behavior is constantly being criticized.

Today's society does not know how to tolerate kids' behaviors. For some reason we expect all boys and
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