`` Boys Don 't Cry ``

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The necessity to classify ourselves and others on the selected principles of our associated gender is a directing factor of interpersonal interaction throughout humankind. Particularly, the structure of gender among males has assisted in the strengthening of the destructive attributes related to hegemonic masculinity. In other words, structural ideals of gender among males solidify the position of male social dominance over women. These adverse features may directly be related to a rise in gendered violence and other aggressive acts committed by men.
The Kimberly Pierce film “Boys Don’t Cry” identifies the undesirable influences that the societal dominance of masculinity has on the structure of sexual identities. The film is an adaptation of the true story of a female to male transsexual named Brandon Teena, who was violently raped and murdered in Falls City, Nebraska in the year 1993. Set in a laboring-class American setting, the film is the depiction of Brandon looking to isolate himself from the constraints of sexual identity that is recognized by the inhabitants of Lincoln, Nebraska. After he is evicted by his cousin, due to the continual threats of bodily injury he receives from neighboring men, Brandon seeks comfort from an alcoholic beverage at the local bar. It is here where Brandon meets a girl named Candace, and her two friends John and Tom.
Brandon is befriended by the group after initiating a bar brawl on Candace’s behalf. The group then invites Brandon
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