Boys From Brazil

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Ira Levin is an American author, a playwright, and a songwriter. He is known for the book “Rosemary’s Baby”. He was born on August 27, 1929 in New York, New York. He married Gabrielle Aronsohn, who he divorced, and Phyllis Sugarman. He then died in November of 2007. The book “The Boys From Brazil” is a terrifying thriller, and the purpose of the book is to entertain an older audience. The title fits into the text because these men from Brazil are trying to kill ninety-four men by a specific date. There are quite a few characters. There’s Dr. Josef Mengele, the man in white the people call him, and he is the boss of the operation to kill the ninety-four men around the world. He also goes by Mr. Gregory, Fischer, Breitenbach, Aspiazu, and
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