Boys & Girls Club Of Kern County

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Boys & Girls Club of Kern County
The Boys & Girls Club of Kern County is a non-profit, established in 1996, dedicated to help young individuals in preparing for their futures. The chapter focuses on helping these individuals with character building, doing well in school, and becoming a responsible citizen within the community. This chapter provides services for “over 5,000 children daily at our 3 clubhouses and 49 campus based programs” (Kern County Boys & Girls Club, 2015). The goal of the organization is to make a positive influence on these children lives and their future. The Boys & Girls Club makes it easier for parents to focus on work by taking the responsibility for creating a safe and fun learning environment for these children. By doing so, children in unstable households receive a greater chance at a successful future. In 2013, the club served 2046 children at the Niles Clubhouse, where 87% of the members were on free or reduced lunch programs (Kern County Boys & Girls Club, 2015). This supports the foundation statement of the organization that the community needs to be involved in making programs that will result in a better future for all children. The organization’s partnership with PG&E to provide scholarships and summer internships is one of the most prevalent portrayals of the community working together to create better futures for the children of Kern County. The after school program is the most popular program the organization offers because…
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