Boys Should Be Taught In Schools Essay

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If one were to look at the “Fortune 500” list, a majority of the people on the list are men. However, the same could be said about prisoners living in the United States. In modern day, men simultaneously make up a majority of the best and the worst. Yet, often times, the way that men are portrayed in the media is generally negative. This representation leads society to believe that boys are being educated and raised in a manner that is causing them to be inferior later in life. Having gone to four schools throughout my life, including an all-boys school, I believe that there is little wrong with the way young men are being educated in traditional subjects. However, I do believe that there needs to be a greater effort to educate boys socially,…show more content…
I was taught to be polite, to work hard, and above all, to be a good person. I was told “boys don’t cry,” more times than I can count, and I was taught the basic differences between girl traits and boy traits. While this may sound politically incorrect, at such young an age, I appreciated the simplicity of having only two categories in my life, and I enjoyed being taught to “be a boy.” However, despite instilling the ideas of boy characteristics in my head, my parents never let me sacrifice my individuality. When I became a target of bullying in my public school, my parents allowed me to switch to a private all-boys school. It just so happened that the time I switched schools was the same time that I was going through puberty. Looking back, going to an all-boys school during those years made my life much easier simply because I was taught to be a respecting individual who just happened to be male. I was allowed to be as different or as similar as I chose because everyone around me had the same ability. Gender was almost completely overlooked, and that was a great way to go through the supposedly “most awkward” years of my life. As a result, I think that I benefit now because I am more accepting of unfamiliar ideas, and I am also not afraid of being more “feminine” at
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