Boys and Girls Brains

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Most Universities offer classes for aspiring teachers in the theories behind education, classroom management, lesson plan writing and the history of education. All of these classes and subjects are relevant in their own rights but one class that isn’t often offered is the differences between boy and girl brain development and what that means to education. Even when a fetus is formed, there are biological differences happening from day one that will create either a boy or a girl and will determine numerous differences between them. This research is important and extremely relevant to understanding why boys are the way that they are and learn in the way that they do. Girls have traits that are tremendously different than
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• Inferior Parietal Lobe - This area of the brain plays important roles in integrating sensory information from various parts of the body, knowledge of numbers and their relations, and the manipulation of objects. It is “generally larger in male brains after other factors are adjusted for. As it happens, the inferior parietal lobe is involved in spatial and mathematical reasoning, skills at which boys tend to perform better than girls” (Levine, p.2).
Processing Differences In Gurian, Stevens and King’s research, it was found that not only is the development of the brain different between boys and girls but there are also substantial differences in how they use their brains (2008b):
• Language Processing Areas – A female’s language processing area utilizes both hemispheres of the brain, making them more susceptible to learning language sooner than males. Boys’ part of the brain that controls language acquisition is only found in the left hemisphere. This limits the amount of brain capacity that boys use towards language as well as the number of words that boys typically use in their vocabulary. Since language is the building block to all education, this could be the primary reason that girls often are faster readers and better writers early on in elementary school.
• Spatial Processing Areas – The differences between the male and female brain in the area of spatial relations is significant in gross motor
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