Boyz in the Hood and Black Freedom Fighters Essay

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Unite is a common word the comes to mind when debating the themes of Boyz in the Hood written by John Singleton and Black Freedom Fighters in Steel by Ruth Needleman. Boyz in the Hood is a film that follows the lives of a group of young African Americans living in South Central Los Angeles, California. Each main character faces some common struggle modern day children and teens face today. Their fate relies on what they decide to do about their common struggle. In Black Freedom Fighters in Steel, you glimpse into the lives of five men connected by one aspect of their lives. They also must do something in order to survive as blue collar workers during the 20th century. Both these works have one common theme if not more, these boys and these…show more content…
In Black Freedom Fighters in Steel five men are profiled explaining the struggles around working in Steel and within the union. In the beginning we hear about George Kimbley, who signed up for Steelworker's Organizing Committee as the first African-American. In order for African-Americans to face their struggles of poor working conditions, poor pay, and lack of job opportunities, they had to connect with the majority. George Kimbley knew that in order to be in the union and make somewhat of a difference, you would have to get people to trust you. What Kimbley means is that white men within the union have to become use to you and learn that their misconceptions are wrong. Many African Americans felt they did not belong within the union because they would be harassed and discriminated against just like they would on the mill floor. Kimbley was one the many that went out and persuaded black steelworkers to join the union, SWOC. He knew that in order to seek change they must become a part of something bigger. A separate committee for Blacks seemed unreasonable at the specific time. Kimbley felt that in order to meet the goals long term we must first integrate with others so they feel less threatened when requesting solutions. When struggling alongside people opposite than themselves, African-Americans felt a stronger need to cope with feelings that came along with integration and discrimination. Many residents within small African American communities in Gary,

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