Bp (British Petroleum) Swot, Porters Five, Key Success Factors

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BUS101 International Business Environment Small Group Assignment for Spring Semester 2008 Table of Contents 1. Terms of reference 2. Procedure 3. British Petroleum 3.1. British Petroleum (BP) 3.2. Background 4. British petroleum SWOT analysis 4.1. What is SWOT analysis? 4.2. Strengths 4.3. Weaknesses 4.4. Opportunities 4.5. Threats 5. BP Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 5.1. What is Porter’s Five Forces Analysis? 5.2. Threat of New Entrants 5.3. Buyer Bargaining Power 5.4. Supplier Bargaining Power 5.5. Threat of Substitutes 5.6. Rivalry 6. Key Success Factors 7. Conclusion 8. Referencing 9. Meetings Log and Reflections 1. Terms of reference…show more content…
BP has created a well-known brand for high quality. 4.3. Weaknesses March, 2006. Thousands of litres of crude oil were spilled on the North Slope of Alaska when a BP pipeline cracked.(BP.) This accident has created big difficulties for BP and especially for its ‘environmental friendly’ image. The public image they are trying to create is almost unthinkable for an oil company. Oil and alternative energy sector. BP is exceptionally strong in the oil industry, but far not that competitive in the alternative energy sector. People are not aware for their entrance there. Nevertheless the brand recognition is high. Differences between the oil industry and solar industry. BP is trying to enter the alternative energy sector and become leaders, but there are also few problems, which may occur. The difference between photovoltaic industry and the ability to refine oil, transport, mine, drill and store is huge. BP vast knowledge in oil is unusable in the alternative energy sector. 4.4. Opportunities Profits. The current financial situation of BP is good and profits are big, as we mentioned before. This gives them options to invest in different and new projects, which will help their expansion. Alternative energy. This might be the biggest opportunity for BP. Currently BP Solar and Home Depot are offering BP Solar Home Solutions in New Jersey and New York. They have included a five year full service warranty, which assures the customers and they are keener on switching to

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