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The Brief


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Welcome The brief Taking part in the challenge North Sea infrastructure Technology and BP





We’re excited that you want to take part in the Ultimate FieldTrip 2011 competition. From our first oil discoveries in Persia to today’s enhanced oil and gas recovery techniques, BP has always been at the frontiers of science, technology and engineering. The winning team of the Ultimate FieldTrip 2011 will have the opportunity to experience and contribute to the real
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However, the maturity of the North Sea basin presents some challenges. Consequently, the next decades are set to see asset restructuring as the North Sea oil and gas industry with its 300 platforms and 200 subsea installations and 14,000 km of pipelines, approaches the end of its economic hydrocarbon producing life. This competition gives you the chance to study the issues facing our North Sea operations and come up with new ideas that will extend the useful life of the oil and gas infrastructure – and potentially the oil and gas fields themselves.



Technology and BP


BP is working to meet both energy and environmental demands. Technology and innovation play a significant role in our efforts to increase efficiency. Global demand for energy is expected to increase by 50% between now and 2030.The use of traditional hydrocarbons, such as oil, coal and gas will continue for decades. But a growing share of future energy demand is likely to be met by decarbonised fuels and low carbon alternatives such as geothermal power, solar and wind – providing energy that can be locally sourced with low carbon emissions and low environmental impacts. Climate change is already

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