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EMBA Theme III—Corporate IT Management
Assignment 3: None of Our Business, Roberta A. Fusaro, a 2004 HBR Case Study

I. RFID Definition

Radio Frequency Identification – RFID – is an established data-carrying technology used throughout industry. Data relating to an item is stored on a tag, which is attached to the item. The tag is activated by radio waves emitted from a reader. Once activated, the tag sends data stored in its memory relating to the item back to the reader. This data can then be shared between organizations and trading partners via the EPCglobal Network in a secure manner.

And as defined in the WIKIPEDIA "is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called
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Before the RFID era, telecommunications companies used to sell their files containing customers data to other companies that used to sell door to door (or phone to phone) to those customers proposing goods (kitchens, house furniture, policy insurance, etc…). Other companies use also to sell their highly selective customers lists to other companies that were seeking for knowledge: who is the CEO, the CIO, the HR director, what is their tel n°, etc ….
With the event of RFID gathering data is becoming more a more easily achieved and widely spread. People are becoming easier targets for driven sales campaigns pushing them to consume more, spend more, getting in debt more etc…

3 Security
Hacking the chips seems to be still rather easy, mailing the usage of RFID on too sensitive information either personal or state wide, highly risky.
There are even viruses for RFID chips!.

4 From Patient Identification to Human Implantation
RFID usage for patient identification is growing steadily! In many countries like US & France, relevant information is captured and made available for a quick knowledge/reading of patient 's medical and personal data.

Going to human implant: one of the likely positive idea is often discussed about being able to track kidnapped children and increase the chances of finding/saving them. But on the other hand there is the fear of abuses: individual freedom is deeply shaken and strong totalitarian ruling from authorities can

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