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This is a research analysis report on BP Connect Convenience Stores’ Supply Chain Management Process using appropriate analysis models, and identification of key issues operations management issues within the organisation. This report has identified strategic fit between the organisation’s current portfolio processes and systems. The overall process flow of the supply chain has been identified and described in details by using appropriate operation management theories and organisation’s operations. Suitable financial evaluation of cost implications has been identified and described of organisation and its stakeholder, shareholders in particular. Innovative recommendations for appropriate and effective operations management
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Suppliers: In the context of supply chain management suppliers are one of the main entities of this process, there are two types of suppliers involve with BP Connect. M&S Food is direct supplier for BP Connect because it directly provides the goods to each store every day. Newspaper and magazine companies are also direct suppliers for BP Connect. General suppliers usually supplies goods to BP Connect Stock Depot and from there it has distributed to all BP Connect stores in the country. There are two main elements related to suppliers which are Order Processing, and Deliveries. Order Processing: There are two different types of suppliers so order processing is somehow different for both. For direct suppliers like M&S Food products M&S retrieve purchase order for each store from the central database of BP Connect and it has been seen that there is a delay in order to processing from both sides especially from M&S Food because they have to provide the stock everyday in every store. Many stores complaint that they are receiving the delivers in the morning late, it is due to purchase order database updation from the BP Connect side because the whole database updates till 4pm in the morning and it is very hard for M&S Food to arrange delivers in the morning on time. Other suppliers are not supplying directly to BP Connect stores they have to supply to BP

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