Bp Evaluation of Leadership During and After Deepwater Horizon Drilling Incident

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III. Discuss and evaluate the leadership of change:
When it comes to BP and the changes that were made in the post-crisis era since the oil spill it is very important to reference their history of safety violations. The oil spill of project Deepwater Horizon was one largest examples of their previous lack of care and respect to safety and the earth. Previous to the spill they have been in trouble with the authorities for illegal dumping of waste products in northern Alaska as well as being fined $13 million by OSHA for failing to comply with safety violations four years after an explosion at a Texas refinery in 2005. BP has a notable track record for paying out billions of dollars to offer compensation for accidents or slight
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Hayward’s decision to present a video explaining BP’s “top kill” attempt took the company’s Louisiana command by surprise. As for Suttles himself, he insisted this week that there were no massive underwater oil plumes in “large concentrations” from the spill. To NBC, he offered that it “may be down to how you define what a plume is here.” (Associated Press)
With Hayward and Suttles appearances on the television screen it was starting to look like that no one was in control or in charge at BP to the general public. This is what made it impossible for a transformational reactive change to take place at BP during the time they needed it the most. BP and their two executive spokespersons were faced with a very large problem when it came to their adaptive personality attributes during the time of change. Both Hayward and Suttles showed a low emotional intelligence and could not connect with the victims affected by the spill by showing them empathy with their choice words and actions during the crisis.
When BP finally got the well capped 87 days later, after blaming both of their partners Transocean and Halliburton for the systems and technology failure, BP was already planning on releasing Tony Hayward and gave the date of October 1, 2010 for his replacement Bob Dudley, an American born in Missouri, as the new Chief Executive Officer. He
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