Bp Is A British Petroleum Company Essay

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The nature of this assignment is to advise the head of UK equity on if it would be a wise decision to invest in BP PLC. BP is a British petroleum company that has plants throughout the world. BP is a company that has been through out many ups and downs in the past few years. However it is a company that has been doing well since the year 1908 which means that it has been operating for more than 100 years. BP is a company that is in the oil and gas sector as it is a company that provides petroleum to consumers all over the world. Is it one of the biggest oil and gas companies in the world. It is a company that has made at least 200 billion in revenue. BP is a company that serves the whole world with oil and gas from motors to aviation fuel and has operation in at least 80 countries in the world. The company has a primary listing on the LSE as it is a British company however it also has listings in the German and American stock exchanges to. (LSE PLC, 2015) The headquarters of the company is based in London, United Kingdom as it is a British company hence the name British Petroleum. There competition are companies such as shell and Texaco which are also in the same sector. However BP is one of the companies that is the most established with many locations across the world. This shows that it is a company that is very successful and it will be worth investing in. A few issues that will be addresses in this assignment will be issues such as the company’s
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