Bp Management and Strategies Research Paper

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British Petroleum and Recommendations for Improvement and Success

This paper will look at British Petroleum, BP, one of the largest oil companies in the world. Following the Gulf Oil Spill does BP have sustainability in this market? This paper will examine the early history of the company. It will look at the competitive advantages of the organization by looking at its SWOT analysis. The company’s market strategy will be examined including its growing interest into alternative fuels. Its internal structure will be compared to the persona that BP is trying to convey that they are a globally friendly company with interests in developing low and no carbon emission fuels.

British Petroleum, BP, is one of the largest oil and
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BP has several weaknesses. Currently they are holding a large percentage of liability. Some of that liability is due to the Gulf oil spill and the other is tied in the uncertain and sure-to-fail dealings to get a foothold in the Russian oil market. Additionally, the Gulf oil spill has marred the reputation of BP to the United States, BP’s largest customer. This has resulted in dwindling sales and halts to new drilling within the US and its waters. BP also has had a track record for cutting costs that have resulted in two other large accidental spills only five years ealier. In 2005, a refinery in Texas caught fire and in 2006 a section of the Alaskan pipeline burst (Bryant, 2010). These events showed neglect on the part of BP and lead to the record sized fine imposed on them.
In regards to opportunities, we see a progressive increase in the price of oil. Although there is an obvious fluctuation in the price of oil from day to day, the overall trend is a defined increase in the price of oil. There are also new deposits being discovered. BP has shown through historical experience that they are willing to take great risks to achieve results. Some may have not gone as planned, but they have the drive to at least attempt. There current PR state is also open to opportunity. The public relation state of BP, especially in the United States, is at some of its lowest levels in history. This was also listed as a current weakness, but BP has
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