Bp Marketing Problem After Oil Spill

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British Petroleum’s Marketing Problem
Florida International University
Summer 2011
Alex Del Veccio
Yudith Torres

BP Marketing Problem

In April 20th, 2010 one of the worst environmental natural disasters that were brought on by a men happened. We are talking about the British petroleum Oil spill on the Golf Coast. The disaster not only affected the plants, animals and people living in the area but also the image of the company. British Petroleum has been successful on creating a powerful brand image, being authentic to the core values of its business and building the goodwill of their customers, now BP is trying to save what is left after the disaster. The disaster leads to many angry people, including environmentalists,
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This Survey that came out in June 2010 show these findings. Only Toyota who went through a massive recall shows worse.

Many more surveys show that consumers were not please with British petroleum (eye, 2010)
Following are s few notes from the article on the corporate eye 's website (eye, 2010): * From an Economist and YouGov survey: When it comes to trusting BP to “do the right thing in stopping the oil spill and cleaning it up,” 9% of respondents said they trust BP “a great deal” and 13% trust BP “quite a bit” while 20% have “only some” trust that BP will do the right thing, and another 20% said they have “very little” trust that BP will do the right thing. The majority of respondents, 28%, trust BP “not at all.” The remaining respondents stated that they were not sure how they felt. * From the same Economist and YouGov survey: 65% of respondents believe that BP and other companies involved in the oil spill are “pointing the blame on others and avoiding responsibility” while just 35% believe BP and other companies involved are “doing whatever it takes to stop the spill and clean up the oil.” * From a USA Today/Gallup poll: 34% of the
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