Bp Oil Spill Case Study

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BP Oil Spill Case Study
Brooke Campbell
Lander University

ere several factors that contributed to the accident:

• Valve Failure: The pipe was sealed in two different ways. The pipe was filled with cement and it also had two different valves to stop the flow of gas and oil. All of the valves did not operate correctly, causing the oil and gas to go up through the pipe and head towards the surface.
• Leak was spotted too late: The crew at the surface should have been able to see or detect that there was a flow of oil and gas that was going towards the surface by looking at different pressures that were not supposed to be there. There was a pressure increase 50 minutes before the rig exploded, but nobody realized.
• Absense of Gas Alarm: There should have been an alarm that sounded and should have triggered ventilation fans to prevent gas being able to get lit, but the alarm system failed to work or operate.
• Absense of BOP Battery: Because of the explosion, the control lines that the workers were using to try to close safety valves in the blowout preventer were destroyed. But the blowout preventer has its own safety device where two different systems should have automatically closed the valves once contact was lost with the surface. Of the two systems, one of them had a battery that did not work and the other one had a defective switch.
• Overwhelmed Separator: The members of the crew had the choice of pushing the mud and gas away from the rig, which would vent it
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