Bp Oil Spill Effects

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Oil drilling is a phenomenon that’s been since the late 1850’s, and makes the oil as cheap as fifty dollars a barrel for consumers all around the world. Oil drilling first began in 1859 when George Bissell and Edwin L. made the first successful drilling rig on a well in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Offshore drilling began in the late 1800’s and by 1897 the first offshore well was producing oil. When citizens think of offshore drilling the first thing that usually comes into mind is the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill that began on April 20, 2010. It killed 11 workers, and at least four species of marine animals were killed off from its effects (Offshore Drilling). Offshore drilling is a hazardous way to mine oil, and even though it may seem to…show more content…
The spill effected the tourism market immensely in states along the gulf with over sixty percent of hotels surveyed experiencing a never seen increase of cancellations. Not only hotels faced difficulties when Deepwater Horizon exploded, the estimated number of small businesses affected by the disaster is over seven million. (“Tourism”). The oil that spilled from the BP incident has been dispersed by two chemicals that have toxic effects unknown to scientists now. This is shown in the following text:
…” As acknowledged by the EPA, the long-term effects of dispersants on aquatic life are unknown. The dispersants used in response to the BP oil spill, Corexit 9500A and Corexit 9527A, are toxic chemicals with still-untold effects. They are suspected of contributing to giant underwater oil plumes that are moving through deep water and leaving a trail of damaged and dead sea life on the ocean floor” (Offshore
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An oil spill spreading to either coast could cause a major disruption in fishing and vacation industries and would wash up many jobs. Any oil spreading to the coast will cause a disruption in vacation revenue, and many jobs would be destroyed due to not enough people coming to their tourist spots. Opponents argue that oil drilling will resolve the problem of oil and gas scarcity for the next few decades. Offshore drilling makes oil and gas much cheaper than the past few years with prices as low as eighty five dollars per barrel of oil (Wickham). But, oil drilling creates a major risk to our environment, and has already started to degrade the Gulf of Mexico after over three million gallons of oil leaked from the Deepwater explosion. Just because the price of oil under current procedures is low, does not mean that the government shouldn’t take steps forward to ensure the environment was as clean as it once was before oil drilling
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