Bp Oil Spill

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Tori Banegas World Geography 29 February 2012 BP Oil Spill Oil rigs provide the world with the fuel that is needed to keep it running. However, it is common knowledge that they may potentially cause harm to not only living creatures but also the environment they rely on to survive. This was proven in the spring of 2010 when an oil rig off the Gulf of Mexico exploded and resulted in an oil spill. This catastrophic event opened millions of eyes to the errors that can be found in the way oil rigs are set up. It also caused people to take a closer look at whose responsibility it is to make sure all the safety codes and procedures are being followed before a drilling plan in approved. The BP disaster not only drew people’s attention to…show more content…
However, until we correct the errors in oil drilling that are responsible for so many oil spills, they will continue to happen. Although oil rigs malfunction due to a variety of causes, in the case of the Deepwater Horizon explosion the cause was the result of the blowout preventers failing to deploy properly. They are supposed to deploy when mud, oil and any other substances get up the piping and make their way up to the platform. They are then at risk for catching fire. The blowout protectors are meant to keep the junk from making it all the way up the pipes. In this case, however, not only did the manual protectors fail to work but the emergency protectors failed as well. Unfortunately this isn’t unusual. Blowout preventers are actually a common cause of oil rig explosions. This may be the result of the testing requirements not being as strict as they once were. It is obvious how important it is that these regulations are re-strengthened. Oil rigs work by using a pipe to pump oil from miles below the ocean floor. Without strong safety requirements, malfunctions will happen. When malfunctions happen, leeks happen. Understanding how oil spills often happen makes it easy to see that not only are they messy and dangerous, they are also inevitable. They can be lessened though. For years we have been told that drilling for oil was safe and that the chances of a catastrophic oil spill happening was too small to worry about. This was

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