Bp Oil Spill

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BP Oil Spill
Chait, J, (2010). Dear Leader. New Republic, 241(10), 2-2. Retrieve June 21, 2010, from Academic Search Premier. This article discusses the present oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The president’s has not changed the Minerals Management Service. In reality, the federal government has no agency tasked with capping undersea oil leaks. All the necessary equipment, along with the expertise for operating it, resides with the private sector. BP will likely bear the full cost of the spill; it has every incentive to deploy its equipment as aggressively as possible. I have seen nobody even attempt to argue, in either practical or theoretical terms, that the government could do a better job of plugging the leak.
Crowley, M,
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114 (20), 5-5. Retrieved June 21, 2010 from Academic Search Premier. The job of a risk manager is to hope for the best, be prepared but for the worst. That means putting emergency response systems in place to cope with a worst-case scenario. The situation remains out of control and the damage substantial— environmental, economic and political. Did BP shy away from expensive loss control measures because a worst-case scenario was so unlikely?
Englund, W. (2010 May 26). Oil- Slick Stars. National Journal. Retrieved June 21, 2010, from http://nationaljournal.com/about/njweekly/ This article refers to the Gulf oil spill reached its don 't-just-stand-there moment. . Every day, the White House responded with updates and briefings. The White House has belatedly gotten the message, announcing new drilling regulations and scheduling the president 's second trip to the Gulf on Friday.
(2010 May 27) Spillover, New Republic. Retrieved June 21, 2010, from http://www.thenewrepublic.com IN LATE APRIL, when a deadly explosion sank the Deepwater Horizon oil rig 50 miles off the coast of Louisiana, few thought the incident could turn into one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. As the oil slick creeps toward the coast, it could inflict billions of dollars in damage on the local fishing and tourism industries, while putting various wildlife refuges at risk. All of a sudden, Congress is perking up. Missing from this dustup has been leadership from

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