Bp Oil Spillage : British Petroleum Company

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The BP Oil Spillage British Petroleum Company (BP) is among the major international gas and oil companies in the world. It provides clients with energy for light and heat, fuel for transportation, lubricants, and other petrochemical products that are used in manufacturing various items. The company’s primary goal is to deliver value to its customers by utilizing its distinctive capabilities, managing the quality of its portfolio, and setting clear goals. However, an unprecedented explosion of BP Deepwater Horizon oil well occurred in April 2010, causing the largest oil spill disaster in the history of the United States. Besides being the worst oil spill disaster, it also affected the company’s profits and reputation (Wolf & Mejri, 2013). BP utilized a wide range of tools and tactics to communicate during and after the incident with its key stakeholders. Despite the use of the tactics and tools, crisis management and communication experts significantly differed on the correctness of the way in which the company conveyed information about the crisis.
Incident/ Case Overview and Relevant Background Information
The petroleum industry experienced a major maritime disaster that was referred to as the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. The tragedy was a result of an explosion that resulted into the death of eleven individuals (Wolf & Mejri, 2013). Five months after the disaster and announcement of successful completion of the closing up of the oil well, approximately 780 million
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