Bp Plc And Civil Society

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BP PLC and Civil Society BP p.l.c understands that society continues to have a high expectation from companies, specifically coming from media and political figures. BP p.l.c published their 2013 annual report that reads, “We are also seeing that society has ever higher expectations of business. This is reflected in the increasing scrutiny placed on the commercial sector, particularly by politicians and the media. Companies must work hard to maintain people’s trust and respect” (BP p.l.c, 2013, p.6). BP p.l.c publishing the quotation stated above indicates the fact that they believe in being honest and transparent, as they want to gain the respect and trust from the civil society. The report also discusses the matter of how essential…show more content…
This funding would be allocated towards scientific research through the Gulf of Mexico research initiative. The entire purpose of this funding for research is to “ improve society’s ability to understand, respond to and mitigate the potential impacts of oil spills to marine and coastal ecosystems. As at 31 December 2013, the aggregate contribution by BP was $169 million.” (BP p.l.c, 2013, p.38) BP p.l.c is committed to improving life of civilians as the company’s research is going towards society’s needs it helps society to understand, respond and act in such a way to make the situation less problematic than it seems, benefitting everyone in the long run. BP p.l.c has various locations all around the world, in developed and developing countries. (BP p.l.c, BP worldwide). Establishing locations in developing country benefits the society has there will be more employment available, and with more purchasing power of individuals in developing countries, the economic growth in society will increase. BP p.l.c has a strong relation to civil society as the company itself relies on society to help enable daily operations. In addition, the company brings forth research that benefits society that has been affected by oil spill in Gulf of Mexico, helping them understands, respond, and make the situation from disastrous to a little less problematic. Lastly, BP p.l.c brings an
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