Bp : The Spill Of The Gulf Of Mexico

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On April 20, 2010, an explosion occurred aboard BP contracted Transocean Ltd Deepwater Horizon oil rig stationed in the Gulf of Mexico. Eleven workers were killed instantly. Unfortunately, the BP management did not wake up that morning (or countless mornings before) expecting the event to occur for it took them almost 4 months to clean up the spill. The first month was spent forecasting the rate of the spill and having President Barack Obama tour the site. Only on May 26, 2010 did BP initiate the first form of clean up procedure known as "top kill". Needless to say, this attempt failed. Thus, well over into the second month after the incident, oil remained leaking and BP had not yet figured out how to contain it. Finally on July 10, 2010 BP removed a timeworn containment cap from the well to install a new one. At last, on July 15, the oil stopped flowing freely. Noting that it took BP over 4 months to replace a timeworn containment cap just to stop oil from contaminating the Gulf of Mexico, it is readily questioned why such a well-established mega giant never considered the chance of having a blast at an operating site. On the bright side, due to this incident and similar others, numerous organizations have been formulating and establishing emergency or disaster plans and policies to respond to a variety of disaster scenarios. Thus, suggesting that contingency planning is imperative for an organization in the long run in order to avoid massive instant loss since there
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