Bp 's Improve Sustainability And Its Reputation For The Deepwater Horizon Disaster

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INTRODUCTION A wealthy British gentleman by the name of William D’Arcy is the founder of the world famous gas station BP. D’Arcy had a thrill over oil and decided to invest all of his savings in the quest for oil in the Middle East. Experts and scientists helped encourage D’Arcy to pursue the venture. But years started to pass and funds starting to run low, William was starting to feel as if this was the wrong investment. Throughout the years BP has gone through a plethora of ups and downs. From bankruptcy, to not being able to transport oil to desired location, and also having more oil than they could sell and not having a demand for it. Also BP has had disasters related to social responsibility, and before the major oil spill in 2010,…show more content…
The company was on the right track, far as it trying to change the reputation of the company. The first step BP took to repair the image of the company was to repair the image. And by doing that, they their name from British Petroleum to simply BP. The next step was for BP to launch its Alternative Energy business in 2005. BP also seen fit for the company to continue “going green” efforts. This is in efforts for it to become more profitable. Their next step in restoring their reputation was to establish a code of conduct. The company code entitled “Our Commitment to Integrity”. BP seeks to unite its diverse employees. This code of conduct was the largest mass communications exercise ever attempted at BP. In some aspects I can say they had the right idea in mind before the disaster, but not on the right track. Honestly if a company is doing business safety needs to be a concern. They know the risks involved with this line of work. As well employees do to, but without your employees a company is nothing. Eleven people died that did not have to. Yes they make have had some things planned which is great for them at that time. Although not having things up to standards is not excuse. Especially when that is such a dangerous line of work. Not to mention their carelessness to standards impacted so many. II. Because most BP products can be viewed as commodities, do you think consumers will
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