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An Investigation of BPA BPA is an industrial chemical used to make plastics. BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA Is used in a wide assortment of products from packaged food to dishes. FDA approved BPA for use in the 1960s.1 The effect of BPA on human health has been highly disputed by FDA and scientists. It is estimated that over 90% of the United States populous is exposed to BPA on a daily basis (Brennen, 2017). To fully understand the ramifications of this chemical an examination of research is required. BPA is a primary building block in most plastics, specifically polycarbonate plastics, which are a durable lightweight plastic, resistant to melting .(Carwhile, 2010) BPA was originally synthesized in 1891.(biello,2008) BPA is used in…show more content…
"In fetal mouse prostate you can stimulate receptors with estradiol at about two tenths of a part per trillion, and with BPA at a thousand times higher," vom Saal says. "That's still 10 times lower than what a six-year-old has." Mice with the same amount of BPA measured in urine the later developed cancer and other health issues. There's also evidence from the journal of reproductive doxology that found that “humans must be exposed to levels of BPA at least 10 times what EPA has deemed safe because of the amount of chemical detected in tissues and blood samples.” In 1997 Japan began to use other natural resin instead of BPA after their scientists show the leaching of BPA into baby bottles. They did point out though that some of these same studies have shown that other foods we eat containing estrogen like chemicals including some soy products have shown similar effects.(biello,2008) One of the reasons for our quick excretion of BPA is our body turns it into glucuronide, and it is excreted through feces and not urine, which is why the amount of BPA in urine indicates far higher exposure than the actual amount in the urine. Also most is excreted within 6 hours and almost most all by 24 hours.(Carwhile, 2010) There is also studies that indicate that BPA in women can act like estrogen in the body which increases the risk of breast cancer and cancer cell growth. (biello,2008) It's also been linked through animal studies to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, early onset of sexual maturity, problems with development of tissue organization of the mammary gland, reproductive tract lesions, increase prostate size, and decrease sperm production in offspring.(Carwhile, 2010) Even short periods of exposure can cause infertility in female

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