Bra Boys, A Brotherhood That No One

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Bra Boys, a brotherhood that no one can split up, a sense of fulfillment and belonging. Bra Boys is filmed based on the story of the Abberton brothers and how they were saved by surfing. In this film, they provide numerous example of masculinity. But are there any femininity examples shown? This film, in which females are absent except for a stalwart grandmother, displays no actual females. The two that were displayed were not really significant in the film, for example the two little girls playing patty-cake as the Long Bay Correctional Complex lurks in the background. Also shown were the moms of some of the young boys that joined the Bra Boys. This whole film revolves around males and their masculinity of their community and lifestyle. Every single Bra Boy that was interviewed showed many features of archetypes, such as; the typical surfer and also the larrikin. These archetypes define who the Bra Boys are within themselves and to the outside world.
Bra Boys are all about being the biggest, baddest, most adventurous gang around. They stand up for their rights and also where they come from. They believe in true brotherhood, for that is all they have. Masculinity is represented all throughout the film. Some were more obvious than others, for example; violence, and also protection. Within the first couple scenes, violence was one of the key concept that seemed to be part of the ‘normal’ masculine. Like any man, violence is caused by aggression that is exerted in the wrong…
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