Bradley Stonefield Limo Service Training Plan

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Bradley Stonefield Limo Service Training Plan Employees are essential in the success of any organization. They have to carry out different activities, which assist the company to attain its business objectives. Various activities can be performed at diverse levels. Every level of activity might require a different set of skills and experience. Despite the fact that employees can be hired on a daily basis in agreement with job requirements, it is significant for any firm to train as well as develop its employees. This is necessary in helping them meet the changes in the business sector. Bearing in mind that the Stonefield Limo Services is a new company that is yet to be set up in Austin Texas, there is absolute need to ensure the employees are well trained and have the necessary experience and skills that will enable them to establish the company properly, albeit at an affordable cost bearing the expected annual revenue of $50,000. Needs for the training program Being a new company, there will be much focus on the training needs of the new employees to be deployed in the Texas branch. Bearing that needs assessment is in three categories; organizational assessment, occupational assessment and individual assessment, it will be important to concentrate on the occupational assessment at this level. The organizational assessment is geared towards evaluating the level of organizational performance which can only be conducted after the company is established and running. The
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