Bradstreet's 'Upon The Burning Of Our House'

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The Puritans were people who had a deeply strong belief in the Lord. The Puritans believed that God comes first in everything, and that their purpose in life was to magnify their Lord. This essay will be covering the beliefs of the Puritans and how they practice their religion.

The Puritans trusted God through thick and then, and counted on him to make a way through troubling times. As read in the poem, Upon the burning of our house “And to my God my heart did cry{Bradstreet 8} To strengthen me in my distress”{Bradstreet 9}. In the poem Bradstreet was praying for strength in a time which she was afraid.She was not afraid to admit that she was in distress showing that Puritans came before their Lord humble.

The Puritans understood that

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