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Brazil has many main cities in its country. This map shows the different types of physical features in brazil. This maps shows some of the rivers In brazil and the capital of brazil. Brazil makes different kinds of products all around there country. There are many different kinds of elevations in the country of brazil. This is a picture of storm drain art in brazil. Brazil is a land where music and dance flows in the mind and body of it’s people They are descendants of Indians who populated vast Brazil. Capoeira is the mixture of martial art, fighting and dance. It's been created by African slaves brought to Brazil and their descendents. Christmas decorations in the country involve setting up Christmas trees…show more content…
Brazils best soccer player is Pele also known as the best soccer player in the world Brazils military helps Haiti try to get there homes and jobs that they lost in the devastating earthquake that shook them. Cultural life appears to have The Portuguese were the been greatly developed. Both first European settlers to and cannibalism tribal warfare arrive in brazil, led byeverywhere through was seen adventurous Pedro Cabral, out brazil. who began the colony in 1500. Physical Geography Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world by having186 million in 2005. The Iguazú falls Located between Argentina and Brazil, are a result of a volcanic eruption. This image shows the activities focus on urban development in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. Also it shows how brazil is creating and redeveloping there way of life. The Lighthouse Tower in Rio de Janeiro symbolizes the tropical experiences and the amazing vegetation of South America. Biosphere there are an estimate d 15,000 different kinds of Brazilian Amazon animals This Amazon rainforest is being destroyed by co2s and can be bought for £70 an acre. There are more than 1,500 known plant species in the reserve, over 107 mammals and more than 320 bird species in the park, five of which are threatened. This river is one of brazil most important rivers for fishing and water. Inference
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