Brain Aneurysm Research Paper

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Losing Relatives from Brain Aneurysm
Chikondi Nkhoma
Brown Mackie College – Louisville

Losing Relatives from Brain Aneurysm
Have you ever lost someone you have just danced with? I have. It is heart breaking to lose your loved one with Brain aneurysm. I know there are a lot of people who have lost their loved ones, because of this disease. It was hard to see someone dying in my hands after I had good time with. It make me scared, who is going to be next because they say that it runs in a family. I learned this after my older auntie, my uncle and my younger auntie lost their lives from this disease.
My older auntie was the most beautiful woman inside out. She raised my mother, up to sending her to nursing school. Since I didn't
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He was generous, he made sure that his nieces and nephews, should not lack anything. I remember taking me to vacations, buying me gifts, paying my tuition and buying toys for kids. One day I spent a night in my uncle’s house, in the morning I overheard him arguing with his wife. I didn't had an idea why they were arguing. He left home for work. After two hours, I heard the house phone ringing and I answered the phone, the call was from my uncle’s job. They told me my uncle was rushed to the hospital. I went to the hospital upon my arrival the nurse told me that he is no more. It was brain aneurysm got…show more content…
My mother was one of them. There was an angel who was always making sure that I eat, have clean clothes, clean a house and taking me and my siblings to doctor’s appointments. That was my younger auntie, she was everything that anyone can ask for. Even if someone is bullying me at school, she was always there. One Saturday evening, it was my birthday and my cousin's wedding day. We left for the wedding, she never complain of any pain. We danced, eat and had good time. We left the reception, and I was driving. After 1 mile, she told me she can't breathe, I took her straight to the hospital, and unfortunately she was pronounced dead. That was the way I lost my auntie because of this disease.
These three people were angels on their own way. My older auntie, my uncle and my younger auntie, sometimes I wonder if they were still here, how my life could have been. Right now my kids don’t have a granny. But there is a say that says; there is a reason for everything. If i had known how to avoid or cure brain aneurysm my relatives could have been here. This disease took them from us. The pain is still there because we have no solution for this
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